U11’s St Joseph’s 2 Burrin Celtic 0

Joeys on a good run
Again a very solid performance by Joeys U 11. With both teams having 4-5 subs, the teams set up was going to change a lot during the game . Joeys started brightly and took the lead after 2 mins when Alan got a good ball into the box where Conor finished nicely. There were a few half chances for Joeys but nothing came of them. 1 Nil at HT.
Second half was more or less the same with Joeys goalie Josh having very little to do, in fairness the back line were playing very well for Joeys. Joeys were under no pressure with the team playing well when the most unusual goal of the year was scored by Joeys. With a corner for Joeys there was a bit of movement in the box where the Celtic players left the near post free. Conor took the corner and it made its way along the line where everyone thought it went out. But it stayed in and trickled into the near post with everyone looking at it. 2 nil . I don’t think we will score a goal like it again.
Joeys stayed strong till the end and went home happy. Overall a good game with everyone playing well together .There was some lovely link up play been played  which was lovely to see. Well done everyone.

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