Last Man Standing 2016 – Week 1

Good Luck to All

Seán Breen Man City
Páidí Breen Arsenal
Mairéad Breen Liverpool
Cassandra Dooley Man City
Kian Dooley Man City
Jordan O’Brien Man City
Daniel Hegerty Liverpool
Jack Murphy Liverpool
John Murphy Liverpool
Aongus ó Sé Arsenal
Dáire O’Sullivan Man City
Dáire O’Sullivan Man City
Rory Guerin Liverpool
Finbarr Kavanagh Liverpool
Luke Hickey Liverpool
Joe Bermingham Man City
Daniel Donegan Leicester
David Donegan Man City
Alannah Scully Arsenal
Ruairi Scully Man U
Aoibhe Scully Liverpool
Eva/Greg Doyle Man City
Evan McGuire Man City
Cian McGuire Man City
Joe O’Neill Man U
Cillian/Mick McAteer Man City
Evan McAteer Man City
Jennifer McAteer Arsenal
Ciara /Steph O’Brien Liverpool
Vinny O’Brien Liverpool
Eddie Corcoran Liverpool
James/Jack Liverpool
Daniel Murphy Liverpool
John Woods Arsenal
Jack Woods Man City
Orla Woods Arsenal
Conall McGuire Man City
Sam Byrne Arsenal
Aidan Ryan Man City
Ciaran Ryan Liverpool
Jac Walker Leicester
Ben Akerele Liverpool
Kyle Byrne Liverpool
Daryl Nolan Liverpool
Alex Farrell Liverpool
James McDonnell Liverpool
Loraine McGuire Liverpool
Brian McGuire West Brom
Mikey Byrne Liverpool
Seán Murphy Liverpool
Tómas Murphy Man U
Cian Nichol Chelsea
Hubert Mazur Man City
Kenneth Bello Leicester
John Murphy Leicester
Klaudiusz Mazur Man City
Arnas Karalius Arsenal
Aaron McGuire Liverpool
Michael McGuire Arsenal
Jack Walton Liverpool
Joe Walton Man U
Ciaran O’Hagan Man City
Bernard Mullen Liverpool
Mark Mullen Arsenal
Macdara Deane Man City

Last Man Standing – Club Fundraiser


This weekend sees the start of the St Josephs AFC’s Club Fundraiser  Last Man Standing. The Prize is € 200. Entry fee is a once off payment of €10. We would like each player to buy/ sell at least one but can sell as many as they wish, the more the better ! See below for rules etc.

  • Each week you pick a team from the English Premier league, we have a sheet with fixtures for the next 6 weeks which are being distributed this week at trainings.
  • If your team wins you progress to next week.
  • If your team loses or draws you are out of the competition.
  • You can only pick a team e.g Arsenal once in the competition.
  • If you forget to pick a team, you’ll automatically get the next team alphabetically that you have yet to pick.
  • If the game is postponed you are automatically put through to next round.
  • Last Man/Woman standing wins.
  • We will keep the standings updated on the website.

Sheets are to be returned this week on or before Friday, if for some reason the form can’t be returned before Friday, a photo can be taken of the sheet and emailed to Loraine at or text this week team to 0868184589, form & money can be then given on Saturday at matches or trainings next week.

Club Gear

We will shortly be taking orders for club gear. This year it includes a half zip training top and the club jersey. Orders will have to be in for Nov 18th for Christmas delivery.

Prices        Training Top (includes initials)      Jersey(includes name & No.)

Children sizes         €30                                                   €30

Adult                       €38                                                    €35